Walking the City Streets

Walking the City Streets
I don’t know how you do it, but when I go to the Big Apple, I like to walk the streets in comfort and style, without losing my Carolina Country Girl swag.  I haven’t been to my favorite big city in a while and I’m ready for a NYC fix!

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Sweet 16

This year is a big year for my baby girl.  She’s gonna be 16!

Do you remember when you turned 16?  I do.  My sister and my friends gave me a surprise birthday party/slumber party!  I’ll always remember the fun we had and how special they made me feel.

In honor of her special birthday, I put together this ensemble with my daughter in mind;  tall, slender, tan, and VERY sure of herself.

Sweet 16

The skirt, shirt, and cardigan are Hollister, one of her favorite stores.  I gave her a choice of a flat Tory Burch sandal (probably what she would chose!) or a cute Miu Miu wedge (if she were to take the plunge and do something out of her comfort zone).  For some reason, she doesn’t like to wear bright colors, so I’m taking a chance on the red cardidgan.  And the Juicy Couture bag?  She already has that exact bag.  The earrings are simple, her style, and I added the bright blue watch just to give a punch of unexpected color somewhere in the outfit.  Notice the “16” pendant?  It’s from Waxing Poetic and you can get it here.

I’m very proud of my daughter.  She is a talented artist and very creative.  I don’t know anyone else who tries their best to “suck the marrow” out of  life the way she does.   She wants to know the how and why of just about everything and doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Black & Yellow

Black & Yellow
There’s something about this color combination that gives me the feeling of simplicity and innocence.  For me, yellow evokes the warmth and relaxing nature of my favorite season; summer.  This particular dress looks so comfortable and “flowy”.  One could wear it to a picnic or a wedding.  The yellow accessories pop when paired with the always accomidating and dominating black.  I love the scarf being used as a loosely cinched belt, maybe just ever so lightly resting on the hip.   With this vignette, my mind lazily wanders into daydreams of lounging on a patio chaise, fanning myself, while drinking fresh squeezed lemonade, and listening to birds chirping, bees buzzing, a distant lawn mower engine, and the soft laughter of children playing.
aaahhhhhhh, summer…..

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Match Made in Heaven

I think I am a frustrated, wanna be, interior designer.  I see websites like this and this, I just drool and ooooooohhh and aaaaaahhhh over these rooms!  I mean come on!

See this bedroom?  I would KILL for this bedroom!  This is me, up, down, and sideways.

via theenchantedhome.com

Serene and supple with lots of natural light in the morning, I get a sense of waking fully rested and ready to conquer any challenge the day brings.  No way can you wake up in a room like this and not be intoxicated with bliss!  Then, can you imagine this room at night? Curtains drawn, the lighting warm yet adequate, soft music playing, silk PJ’s, a bottle of bubbly, just you and your significant other, settling in for an evening of…….well, you fill in the blank.

This is more than just a bedroom.  This is a sanctuary.  My sanctuary.

A few “nightie” options…..Trying to keep it “G” folks!

Soft & Sensual

Try this with your next bottle of bubbly

via thefoodiereport.blogspot.com

via thefoodiereport.blogspot.com

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A Look into the Not-So-Far-Off Future

When I was growing up I never dreamed we would have all the technological advances we enjoy today.  When my neighbor got a Nintendo Ping Pong game that you could play on the TV, I thought that was just incredible!  I thought I was cool just having an 8-track tape player and a little black and white TV for my bedroom.  I thought I was the bomb!

Technology advances so quickly these days, I’m never surprised at new capabilities and gadgets.  However, I am amazed.  I often wonder what kind of world my children will live in; what will be next?  What will everyday life be like for them?  How will technological advances improve or complicate their lives?

Maybe this video is a glimpse into the not-so-far-off future.  I think I found this video via Pinterest.  Will I see this incredible technology in my lifetime?


And, if the above isn’t enough, what in the world will they be wearing?  I think these are already available or at least in the making.

via styleguru.com

via styleguru.com

And Lord only knows what the auto industry has in store!

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